e-Portfolio Software

Students may build and submit their e-Portfolio publications using either the iSchool-supported Canvas e-Portfolio software and template, or choose another electronic medium approved by their e-Portfolio advisor. The iSchool will only support the use of Canvas software for the e-Portfolio. While a student may choose to use another medium for their e-Portfolio (with their e-Portfolio advisor's permission), the iSchool cannot provide technical support for any medium other than Canvas. Other media might be  google sites,WordPress blogs, custom designed web sites, or Portfolium.  Do remember -- if you do not use Canvas, be sure to password your site.

To learn how to use the Canvas e-Portfolio to build your MARA 289 e-Portfolio in the recommended template, see these instructions and the detailed tutorials for using the Canvas ePortfolio.

Important. If using Canvas please be sure not to link to evidence using Course Submissions. Follow the instructions here on pp 2-3, 6 and 12 

For Canvas technical help, go to Canvas Technical Support and fill out the form to contact Tech Help.

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