The iSchool is pleased to continue to offer flexibility to students (within University policies) to allow students to better integrate school with other responsibilities.

Most courses will be offered online in a full semester format. In addition, some courses will be offered in an online intensive mode. Students can decide (for some courses) which format they wish to select. Students can also mix courses offered in an intensive mode of delivery (7-8 weeks depending on the calendar) with semester long (15 week) courses. For example, they could select one course that lasts for 15 weeks and one course that lasts for 7-8 weeks. Intensive format classes are not offered in summer session.

Important Caveats

  1. Courses in the 7-8 week format are subject to the same rigor and requirements as semester long classes. The content of the class is not different from the semester long version of the class and will involve the same ratio of class contact hours to units as follows:
    • Students will spend, for each unit of credit, a minimum of 45 hours over the length of the course (normally 3 hours per unit per week with 1 of the hours used for lecture) for instruction or preparation/studying or course related activities.
  2. Students must register for all classes during the open registration period no matter whether they are 7-8 weeks or 15 weeks, even if the course starts in the middle of the semester. Please note: Dates of intensive classes are shown on the iSchool course schedules, not on Always plan your semester using the iSchool schedules. Use only to actually register for the classes you have already selected.
  3. Important: Students will have to pay for all classes after they register (as usual) even if classes don’t start until 7-8 weeks into the semester. Note: If you opt for an intensive that starts in the middle of the semester make sure you really want this intensive format as, although you will be able to drop the class during the first week, you will not be able to obtain a refund.
  4. Important: Even if you are special session and taking a class in the second 7-8 weeks of the current semester, you must have fulfilled the prerequisites in a preceding semester as all registration happens during open registration. Taking the prereq in the first 7-8 week period of the current semester will not enable you to take a class that requires that prereq in the second 7-8 weeks of the current semester.  Prereqs cannot be overridden. Prereqs are not co-reqs.
    Example: So even if you take INFO 202 in the first 7-8 weeks of the current semester, you cannot take INFO 210 in the second 7-8 weeks of the same semester. To take INFO 210 in the second 7-8 weeks you must have completed INFO 202 in the preceding semester.
  5. Grades will not be filed until the end of the semester
  6. A limited number of classes will be offered in the online intensive format as not all subject areas fit well into this time frame.
  7. The e-Portfolio (INFO 289) will not be offered in an intensive format
  8. Internships (INFO 294) will not be offered in an intensive format.

Understanding what is required of you if you decide to take an online intensive format class.

I AM...

  • Able to meet virtually or communicate with classmates as needed for homework assignments on a daily basis
  • Able to work effectively in group situations
  • Able to remain calm under pressure and handle stressful situations in a professional manner.
  • Able to handle a fast-paced environment.
  • Extremely well organized (including time management).
  • Able to logon to class daily to work on assignments and communicate with the instructor and classmates.
  • In good mental and physical health


  • There are from three to six hours of required homework each day (including weekends).