The i.School Open Classes program at San José State University School of Information is open to everyone with a 3.0 in their bachelor's degree or higher, and especially relevant for information professionals who would like to continue their education and expand their skills and knowledge in the information field. Students who complete courses through the Open Classes program receive college credit on their San José State University transcript. Our Open Classes program is offered via special session. We do not offer open university classes via our regular session program. Elective courses are offered on a space available basis, and course selection will vary each session. MLIS core courses are not available through the iSchool Open Classes program. MLIS core course prerequisites are not required in order to take an iSchool Open Classes elective.

Choosing a Workload

Students may take more than one course each session. However, when deciding on how many classes to take each session, we recommend that students carefully consider the rigor of the graduate-level coursework and their responsibilities outside of school, such as work and family obligations. The course workload is normally three hours per unit per week with one of the hours used for lecture. Open Classes students should be prepared to spend 10 - 15 hours of study time per week for each 3-unit class. Some courses may require more time depending on the complexity of the material. Dropping classes after the deadlines can be problematic and expensive. We recommend that you be conservative in the number of classes you take through Open Classes. Information on course assignments, student learning outcomes and the grading scale is available on each class syllabus.

Important Dates for Spring 2019

  • The sign-up form for Open Classes will be open Dec. 3 at 8 am Pacific, and close Jan. 4 at 5pm, Pacific. Submissions are processed in the order they are received. For best selection, complete the form as soon as the form opens and reply immediately to iSchool staff in a timely manner, as courses fill quickly. The community is only able to access our iSchool Open Classes through our official iSchool Open Classes web request process (and not through SJSU's main Open University program). 
  • Spring Session dates will be Jan 24th 2019 - May 13, 2019. See: Spring Special Session Schedule of Classes. Please check back on the Schedule of Classes Notes column for the start and end dates of the variable unit classes, as they are have different start and end dates through the semester. Most classes are asyncronous, take a look for any classes with Mandatory Zoom class meetings. They will be indicated on the schedule.


The i.School Open Classes program is open to everyone with a bachelor's degree from any regionally accredited institution in any discipline with a GPA of at least 3.0 at the bachelor's degree institution. Students in the Open Classes program will be held to the same high standards as students in the SJSU information school’s MLIS, MARA, and Post-Master’s Certificate programs. For students who are not alumni, and/or have not been admitted to one of our programs for a future term, a scanned copy of the bachelor's transcript showing the degree conferred will be required when requesting a class.

Please note:

  • Students who have applied and were admitted to the MLIS, MARA, Teacher Librarian or Post-Master's Certificate programs may get an early start by taking a course through the Open Classes program and then transferring completed units to the graduate program. See more information on our Open Classes FAQs
  • Students who were admitted to one of our graduate or Post-Master's certificate programs but chose to postpone enrollment are eligible to take courses in the Open Classes program. If they decide to re-apply for admission, they could then use Open Classes to meet graduation requirements for their program.
  • Students who have applied and were denied admission to any of our programs, or those who have been disqualified from SJSU are not eligible to take courses through the Open Classes program.
  • Current students enrolled in the MLIS, MARA, Teacher Librarian or Certificate programs are not eligible to take courses through the Open Classes program.
  • See more information on our Open Classes FAQs



Course fees are $474 (USD) per unit, and courses range from one to three units. The total cost for a one-unit class is $474 plus any required course materials. The total cost for a two-unit class is $948 plus any required course materials. The total cost for a three-unit class is $1,422 plus any required course materials. Fees are subject to change. Please note fees are due within 21 days of registration for Spring and Fall and within 15 days for Summer.

Students who pay income tax in the United States may be able to take advantage of the IRS Lifelong Learning Tax Credit, which can help reduce the amount of income taxes owed by receiving a credit for educational expenses. For more information about the IRS tax credit, please see: https://www.irs.gov/publications/p970

Federal and state financial aid for U.S. residents is not available for students taking courses through the Open Classes program.

Methods of Payment: Please see Methods of Payment. After course registration is confirmed, students can pay fees by logging on to my.sjsu.edu and clicking on the Self Service / Campus Finances menu option. They will not receive a bill and are responsible for checking their own account for fee due dates.

Refund Information: Registered students should check the Professional Degree Program FAQs page or phone 408-924-2670 for refund policy information. To receive a full refund, students must drop the course several days before the first day of instruction. For a 75% refund, students need to follow refund deadlines announced by iSchool student services staff. There are no refunds after the 75% refund drop deadline.