Course Selection

As a graduate student in the exclusively online Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program at the San José State University (SJSU) School of Information (iSchool), you can customize your educational experience to fit your interests and career objectives, selecting from many exciting electives offered each semester.

Electives prepare our MLIS students to work in diverse and global information landscapes. All of our graduates receive a diploma that says they earned an MLIS degree. However, our school offers numerous career pathways to assist students in career planning and course selection.

Technology Focus

The SJSU iSchool offers a number of courses designed to give MLIS students experience with the most innovative and important technologies in the field of library and information science. Students have the opportunity to study a number of technology-focused subjects taught by experts in the field of information technology. These electives are offered to ensure that all students have the most sought-after technology skills when they enter the job market.

Students also gain hands-on experience using emerging technologies daily since they take all of their courses online. Over the course of a semester, a typical student will use the Canvas online learning management system daily, attend virtual workshops via Zoom, watch lectures and presentations on Panopto, create a blog on WordPress, and use various software programs such as PowerPoint and Prezi to create presentations and complete assignments. 

Increased Flexibility

The majority of MLIS courses are offered in the standard 15-week format. Students can also choose to take some courses that are offered in an intensive mode of delivery (7 weeks), with the option of taking a seven-week class that starts at the beginning of the semester and/or a seven-week class that starts in the middle of the semester. They can also mix intensive courses with regular full-term courses (15 weeks).

The option to take intensive courses provides graduate students with increased flexibility for scheduling their classes around other commitments, such as work responsibilities and family obligations. It also allows students, who want to take two courses per semester, the option to complete their courses individually rather than simultaneously. That way they can focus on one course at a time while still completing two courses per semester. The intensive courses are completely optional.

In addition, MLIS students have the opportunity to explore many trending topics and expand their knowledge in a variety of areas by enrolling in variable unit courses. The variable unit courses are typically one or two units and a shorter duration (4 weeks). Many of these shorter courses have a leadership focus.

It was very convenient to be able to fit course work around my work schedule. More importantly, the rich diversity of course topics and fascinating content made this a fantastic program! – MLIS graduate