Entry Requirements

San José Gateway PhD program applicants must have a relevant Master's degree or equivalent with first or second-class (GPA 3.5 minimum) standing from a recognized institution. Applicants must be able to demonstrate past experience or engagement with research. This is normally achieved via the completion of a Master's research degree or a Master's coursework degree with a research component equivalent to one-third of the course credits, as well as research experience that is demonstrated in peer reviewed publications and scholarly conference presentations.

Prospective doctoral students in the San José State University cohort must be 1) accepted and endorsed by a specific San José State University School of Information faculty member who has been accredited as a doctoral supervisor by QUT, and 2) approved by the San José Gateway PhD program coordinator. These two requirements must be met prior to submitting a formal application to QUT. The process of negotiation with a potential San José State University supervisor may include a personal interview and submission of additional work.

Application Deadlines

  • early January, 2018: Deadline for San José State University endorsement.
  • March 10, 2018: Deadline for Application to QUT following San José State University endorsement
  • next start date for new applicants: July 30, 2018