How To Apply

If you have an MLIS degree, you will apply for only the credential. If you do not have an MLIS, we recommend that you apply for the MLIS program instead of just the credential. This is for two reasons: first, most students decide to go on to finish the MLIS because the degree provides many more career opportunities. Declaring the MLIS now is much easier than trying to switch later. Second, as an MLIS student, you are considered a student in the School of Information. As a credential student, you are in the School of Education. It is harder to track your progress and keep you informed. There is no penalty for only completing the requirements for the credential while in the MLIS program. You can stop once you have fulfilled the credential requirements or you can go on to finish the extra 12 units for the MLIS degree.

See the Application Process page to learn about which session to apply for and the Application Procedures page, where you will find a tutorial for filling out the application and instructions for submitting your transcripts.