Course Descriptions

New Student Technology Workshop: Online Social Networking, Technology and Tools. This workshop introduces students to a variety of new and emerging technologies used in today's online environment. It covers various social networking platforms, content and learning management tools, web conferencing, immersive environments, and other trends in social computing. Note: Must be completed within first 4 weeks of the semester. If it is not completed within the first 4 weeks of the semester an administrative hold will be placed and you will be unable to register for any more classes in iSchool. Additional information will be sent to you via MySJSU prior to the start of the New Student Technology Workshop. Although the workshop is required, no credit is earned for satisfactory completion.

All courses below are offered for three units unless otherwise indicated.

MARA 200. The Record and the Recordkeeping Professions
The role of records and recordkeeping in society; history, definitions and important concepts related to records and recordkeeping; contexts and critiques of records and recordkeeping; significant scholars and recordkeepers throughout history. Not repeatable. All MARA 200 students receive a one-year paid membership in SAA or ASIS&T.
Prerequisite: Demonstrated computer literacy through completion of required new student online technology workshop.

Note: Satisfactory completion of all written assignments in this course fulfills the university's "Competency in Written English" requirement.

MARA 204. Management of Records and Archival Institutions
Application of management principles to the administration of records and archives centers; management functions, theories and concepts; decisionmaking; goals and objectives; organizational structures; human resources; financial considerations; marketing; legal considerations; ethical considerations; global concerns.
Not repeatable.
Prerequisite: Demonstrated computer literacy through completion of required new student online technology workshop.

MARA 210. Records Creation, Appraisal and Retention
Overview of records creation processes; management and documentation of those processes, including forms, mail, reports, reprographics management, document control, legal compliance; basic appraisal concepts; records inventories and retention scheduling; vital records; contingency planning; records disposition; and archives.
Not repeatable.
Prerequisite: Demonstrated computer literacy through completion of required new student online technology workshop.

MARA 211. Records Access, Storage and Retrieval
Examination of records systems, storage, retrieval; filing systems; fundamentals of information retrieval; active file systems and operation; records center operations; special storage; archival reference and access concepts; legal and ethical considerations; privacy and copyright; user communities.
Not repeatable.
Prerequisites: MARA 210

MARA 249. Electronic Recordkeeping Systems and Issues in Electronic Recordkeeping
Application of recordkeeping and archival principles to the management and preservation of electronic records, multi– and hyper–media resources and email; standards for representation and preservation of nontraditional networked information; electronic records/document management systems and derivations; policy development.
Not repeatable.
Prerequisite: MARA 200, 204

MARA 259. Records and Information Preservation and Security
Records and archives preservation, recovery and disaster techniques; information systems and networks preservation and security administration and maintenance; risk analysis; electronic and non-electronic media protection methods and materials; encryption management strategies, trusted digital repositories. Not repeatable.
Prerequisites: MARA 200, 204

MARA 283. Enterprise Content Management and Digital Preservation
Presents theoretical principles and practical aspects of digital content management and preservation. Explores challenges related to multiple file formats, standards, and retention requirements. Provides hands-on experience using both a digital content management system and a trusted digital repository. Not repeatable.
Prerequisites: MARA 210 or MARA 211 or MARA 249

MARA 284. Seminar in Archives and Records Management
This course explores current issues and practices in archives and records management. Examples of topics studied: "Protecting Conflicting Rights in the Digital Environment," "Archivists: Meet Web 2.0," "Ethics and Computer Forensics," and "Implications of Cloud Computing on Records Management."  Current Topics.
Repeatable with different content up to 12 units.
Prerequisites: MARA 200, 204 for MARA students taking 3-credit topics; Other prerequisites may be added depending on content. Prerequisites are waived for non-MARA students. Prerequisites are waived for MARA students for one- and two-credit topics.

MARA 285. Research Methods in Records Management and Archival Science
Overview of research methods in the social sciences and their application to research about and within archives and records centers. Research design, human subjects, quantitative and qualitative methods, model studies, methodological critique and evaluation, data analysis and presentation.
Not repeatable.
Prerequisite: None

MARA 289. Advanced Topics in Archives and Records Administration (ePortfolio)
Completion of the ePortfolio, integrating theory and practice, to satisfy the Culminating Experience, with the portfolio based on core competencies for archives and records administration professionals as outlined in the MARA 289 Handbook. Completed in final semester (fall or spring only).
Not repeatable.
Course prerequisites: See information about eligibility by looking at the current MARA 289 e-Portfolio Online Handbook (Revision May 2015) and reviewing the section on "Eligibility."

MARA 294. Professional Experience – Internships
Internship under professional supervision in a selected archives or records center. The internship site must meet criteria outlined in the MARA internship guidelines and be approved by the internship coordinator.
Repeatable up to 6 units.
Prerequisite: MARA 200, 204, plus six advanced courses. Good academic standing.

MARA 295. Organizational Consulting Project (OCP)
Organizational Consulting Projects are submitted by an individual or organization, supervised by a professional archivist or records manager, and require the application of the knowledge and skills developed throughout the program. See the Organizational Consulting Project Handbook.
Not repeatable.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of 7 required courses: MARA 200, 204, 210, 211, 249, 285, and one offering of 284. Good academic standing [3.0 CUM GPA or above], obtain a recommendation by one MARA instructor, and receive permission of the MARA academic advisor.