Doctoral Student Profiles

The San José Gateway PhD program spans two continents with students and faculty residing in North America, plus faculty in Australia. Because the program is primarily online, students have the opportunity to earn their PhD degrees without leaving their current careers or relocating their families. Current students hail from seven states, two Canadian provinces, and Jamaica, providing a unique, international perspective to the close-knit research community.

San José Gateway PhD program students are active participants in the research community. Many have published articles, poster sessions, and presentations. We invite you to explore the Student Bibliography of published research.

Current students’ research areas include:

  • Information sharing with virtual teams
  • Information use and behaviors in social media, content creation
  • Information practices in education
  • library history
  • Archival research and practice

We invite you to click on the names below to learn more about our current doctoral students and celebrated alumni of the San José Gateway PhD program.

San José Gateway PhD Program Current Students

Proposal Title: Affective Search: How do Emotions Affect Search Performance?

Proposal Title:The necessity for academic libraries to become strategic business partners: The case of the University of the West Indies

Proposal Title:

stephen abramsStephen Abrams 
Proposal Title: Criteria and metrics for assessing digital curation success
Salvador BarraganSalvador Barragan 
Proposal Title: How Electronically Stored Information “ESI” is altering Information and Records Appraisal
Shelly BuchananShelly Buchanan 
Proposal Title: The Impact of Student-Driven, Independent Inquiry on Academic Motivation
Walter ButlerWalter Butler
Proposal Title: Changing in the Open: OER Textbooks, Online Communities, and the Management of Academic Libraries
Lettie ConradLettie Conrad
Proposal Title: The Student-Researcher Information Experience with Personal Academic Information Management
Africa HandsAfrica Hands 
Proposal Title
: Why an Advanced Study in Library and Information Science? Examining Motivational Factors Influencing Doctoral Study
Lee Yen HanLee Yen Han 
Proposal Title
: A study of information literacy of graduate students in the middle-east
Katia KaradjovaKatia G. Karadjova 
Proposal Title
: Librarians' Understanding of Information Literacy in Academic Libraries in Bulgaria: A Case Study
Karen KaufmannKaren Kaufmann 
Proposal Title
: Socio-cognitive relevance of information literacy: The impact on student success
Jennine Knight 
Proposal Title
: The necessity for academic libraries to become strategic business partners: The case of the University of the West Indies
Kathleen McDonaldKathleen McDonald 
Proposal Title: Taking the Library to the People: Female Librarians and Patrons at the Victoria Public Library, 1900-1949
kim morrisonKim Morrison
Proposal Title: Relevant, sustaining, revitalizing: A manifesto for the library classroom, using an asset and critically explicit racialized situatedness pedagogy
Richard OkumotoRichard Okumoto 
Proposal Title: Digital Storytelling in Higher Education Improves Student Learning Objectives Retention
Pat SandercockPat Sandercock
Proposal Title: Understanding EFL students’ library database usage
Nilo SarrafNilo Sarraf 
Proposal Title: Affective Search: How do Emotions Affect Search Performance?
Cherry-Ann SmartCherry-Ann Smart 
Proposal Title
: Towards transformative engagement: The international and foreign student stakeholders in the academic library; a view from the subaltern
William H. Weare, Jr.William H. Weare, Jr.
Proposal Title: Faculty Research and Publication Practices in the Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities: A Qualitative Study
Hongbo ZouHongbo Zou 
Proposal Title
: Understanding the Role of Social Media in Enhancing Participatory Services in Public Libraries

San José Gateway PhD Program Alumni

Laura AndersonLaura Anderson (2016)
Dissertation Title: Information Sharing in Virtual Collaboration: A Software Engineering Perspective
Melissa Fraser-ArnottMelissa Fraser-Arnott (2016)
Dissertation Title
: Personalizing Success: The Professional Identity Experiences of LIS Graduates in Non-Library Roles
Mary Ann HarlanMary Ann Harlan (2012) 
Dissertation Title: Information Pathways: The Information Practices and Experiences of Teen Content Creators
Tina InzerillaTina Inzerilla (2013)
Dissertation Title: Community College Faculty's Teaching Social Networks and Their Implications for Librarians
Clarence MaybeeClarence Maybee (2015)
Dissertation Title: Informed Learning in the Undergraduate Classroom: The Role of Information Experiences in Shaping Outcomes 
Maria Otero-BoisvertMaria Otero‑Boisvert (2015)
Dissertation Title: Funding the Academic Library: An Ethnography
Mary-Jo RomaniukMary‑Jo Romaniuk (2014)
Dissertation Title: Developing Emerging Leaders in the Library Profession: Program Content, Self-efficacy and Leadership
Cheryl StenstromCheryl Stenström (2012) 
Dissertation Title: Factors Influencing Funding Decisions by Elected Politicians at the State/Provincial Level: A Case Study of Public Libraries in Canada
Virginia TuckerVirginia Tucker (2013)
Dissertation Title: Acquiring Search Expertise: Learning Experiences and Threshold Concepts
Diana WakimotoDiana Wakimoto (2012)
Dissertation Title: The History of Queer Community Archives in California Since 1950